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We are Genpower, a growing family with our employees.
 We always support the creativity and new ideas of our employees, and prioritize them to be in a happy and peaceful working environment before business concerns.
 We are aware of the importance of motivation for our employees to achieve superior performance and to make a difference by constantly improving, we create effective communication platforms that will increase the motivation of our employees, we provide training, incentives and motivations that will improve our employees' business careers.
 In the Genpower culture, education is a lifelong process and the career planning of the employees is shaped based on this principle.
 Genpower, which always offers gains that will provide added value to its employees, believes that its teammates who are open to innovation and entrepreneurial, have competitive spirit, and whose vision and principles coincide with Genpower values will carry Genpower forward.

We believe that all of our employees have the right to work in a healthy and safe environment, in working conditions that comply with human dignity.
 Our employees are our most valuable asset, and ensuring and protecting the safety of our employees is our top priority business goal.
 Attractive privileges befitting a corporate and well-established company are offered to valuable Genpower employees, who are the architects of Genpower's success.

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